Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sexual Dreams (written in 2000)

Sexual Dreams (written in 2000)
I’ve had so many dreams about me looking in on two girls making out and wanting to be a part of it but being excluded.

I’ve had so many dreams about me having sex with unknown women.

I’ve had so many dreams about me having a beautiful girlfriend, or beautiful girls wanting to be my girlfriend, and waking up so excited and then so deflated.

I’ve had many, many dreams where I’ve kissed or been kissed by girls I actually knew, and some dreams where we actually had sex, but usually I wake up too soon or something in the dream prevents us. These dreams always made me wish for it to happen in real life with the said girl, but it never did. I never dared threaten the friendship. I don’t think these dreams are so strange because I’ve heard that when you have a sexual dream about a friend of the same sex, it only means that you want to become more emotionally intimate with them.

Very strangely, I had a dream that I had sex with an older lady, probably in her 40s, who worked at my college and I knew her only vaguely, but I wasn’t ever attracted to her! Even after the dream. Maybe dreams don’t really mean anything?

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