Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sexual Dreams – Jan. 2010

Jan. 2010
Now this was an interesting dream. My married friend had told me once that when I spend the night he sometimes wonders what would happen if there was a fire and we had to evacuate the building – would we have time to get our clothes on, how would we explain to his neighbors and roommate, etc.
So I just had a dream that he and I were about to go to bed when I realized that there was a gas leak and we would die in our sleep. I was so sad because I thought of his poor wife not only finding out her husband was dead, but also that he had been having an affair.

Now, after we first started the affair, almost two years ago, I asked him about his wife, and he said that she had told him that if he cheated, she didn’t want to know about it. I felt she was, in effect, giving permission, so I was okay with continuing the affair. But in my dream, I was so sad, thinking of the heartache I would bring her on top of her grief. And I also thought what a horrible way for me to be remembered! Who would dare cry at my funeral?

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