Friday, February 24, 2012

Re: DSK Didn’t Know Women at Orgies Were Prostitutes

Dominick-Strauss-Kahn’s claim that he didn’t know that the women at the orgies he attended were prostitutes speaks to the larger issue of some powerful men’s delusions. Does DSK really think that any woman would choose to have sex with an old, pot-bellied man like him? The women were most definitely paid!

As someone who has worked in the sex industry while in college and then this past year while in graduate school, I’ve seen men’s egos and delusions up close. Although both my jobs involved some sort of sexual encounter with men in exchange for money, only the men at my hostess dancing job knew this outright, for they directly paid us. We even called the men our “customers.” They knew we were there for money.

Working at Onie’s parties is a different story. A wide variety of men – all different ages, races, nationalities, and income-class levels – pay to attend Onie’s wild sex party. And what all these men have in common is that they all want sex in a swinger or orgy setting. And we provide it for them. Of course, we are paid to do so.

Now, most of the men think the other women and I are all hard-core swingers and just love sex with men and love attending these orgy parties regularly. They think we just can’t get enough sex.

But many of the men figure out that we women are getting paid. With me, because it is obvious I am not into sex with any of them (now, of course Robert Hannibal, the only man I’ve ever loved, is the exception – I love being with him!), some men will question me.

And since I refuse to go down on a guy or even touch him, many of the men, after recovering from their astonishment that I won’t give blow-jobs or hand-jobs, have asked me if I’m paid. I usually answer evasively, but I don’t change my behavior. I am getting paid to be there and have sex, but I am not getting paid to pretend I enjoy it. I never fake anything.

With the other women, although many of them do enjoy sex with these men, their eagerness tips off some of the guys. In what real-life swing party does a middle-aged women walk up to each man and ask, “Want a blow-job?” I’ve never seen that at any real couples-only swing party.

Although most of the men who attend Onie’s parties think we just like having lots of sex in general, there are a few who are narcissistic and think that women really want to be with them in particular. That they’re really pleasing us and that we’re really fortunate to be with them. These men remind me of DSK, and DSK reminds me of these men.

A man like DSK deludes himself into thinking that women actually find him desirable. I am sure when he encountered the maid in the hotel room he thought he was irresistible to her. He may even have thought how lucky she was that she got to service him.

I do wonder what the hotel maid was thinking. Did she really feel forced to go down on him? Or was she planning to trap him? I may have had sex with over 1,000 different men, but it’s mostly been for money. I can’t imagine anything other than dollars going through her mind. I, however, have never tried to use a man for a lawsuit or take advantage of him. In my job situations, I am there for a job.

I’ve always thought that if men didn’t have power, what on earth could be attractive about them? I don’t know if men like Dominick Strauss-Kahn and the equally (or moreso?) seriously deluded Silvio Berlusconi, with his stupid bunga bunga parties, think that they are attractive to women regardless. Do they really think that women would want to have sex with such old, ugly men? Or do they know that without their power, they hold no attraction?

I hope the latter. But I think their many sexual conquests have made them blind to how unattractive they truly are.