Sunday, October 10, 2010

Childhod Dreams of Baldness (written 2005)

For some reason, I was very afraid of baldness, and any dreams concerning baldness I classified as nightmares. In elementary school, I had a dream that everyone was going to lose their hair and so people were shaving their heads on their own in anticipation. My P.E. teacher kept trying to shave my head and so I ran away with my life. This was one of my scariest dreams, seriously.

Another scary dream (for me) when I was really young involved a lady from a children’s television program losing her hair and threatening me on the TV with shaving my head. Again, I ran away from the TV.

I also had dreams that my dolls lost their hair and were talking to me and laughing at me.

I was also afraid of my father losing his hair. In elementary school, I had three dreams, years apart, that my father had gone bald. After the third dream, I was afraid it would come true, but it didn’t.

I still don’t know why I was so afraid of baldness. I remember watching TV with my parents or brothers and sisters and running out of the room if there was a gag with someone wearing a bald wig. My family would tell me it wasn’t real, but I couldn’t handle it for some reason.

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