Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dreams of My Ex-Girlfriend (written Fall 2008)

I had a few dreams that I was performing in a play I had been in in college, but this time my ex-girlfriend was in the audience. All I could think about was if she would think I did a good job and I hoped to impress her and make her want to take me back.

I had several dreams that my ex-girlfriend would appear on my campus all of a sudden and I would run up to her, so excited to see her, and she would ignore me and walk away from me. I would be so upset that she would travel so far, and end up in the same place I was, yet not want to see me.

I had a dream that my ex-girlfriend and I were driving and fighting and suddenly we got in an accident. Then I realized that there was going to be an oil tank explosion and we would all be burned. I ran away and hid somewhere and my girlfriend stayed on the road. The fire didn’t happen, or at least not before I awoke, but I woke up with such a sense of foreboding and concern for my ex-girlfriend, who I will always love. I don’t know if we survived or not.

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