Sunday, October 10, 2010

Childhood Dreams – Fantasy Mermaid Dream (written 2005)

A dream I had when I was about 10 served as the basis for The Mermaid and the Genie. In this dream, I was a blonde full-grown mermaid with long hair swimming in a little pond blocked off by a very old wooden fence.

Suddenly I wasn’t the mermaid anymore, though she remained in the scene, but I was now an adult man, an explorer. When I saw the mermaid, I, as the explorer, had to have her, so I reached over the fence and pulled her from the water and carried her in my arms. She didn’t want to come with me so she kept slipping out of my hands, through an opening in the fence and back into the pond. The water must not have been very deep because she never went underwater but stayed within easy reach.

Once again I grabbed her and held her in my arms, and once again she was too slippery and I couldn’t hold onto her and she went back into the pond. Again I grabbed her and somehow this third time I was able to hold onto her. I walked away from the fence, holding her in my arms, when she started getting faint, and I knew she needed water, but I didn’t want to put her back in the pond and risk losing her.

At this point an old shack appeared and I decided to take her in there to see if there was a bathtub. Inside we were safe for little awhile, but then an ugly brown dog appeared and kept barking at the mermaid, trying to bite her. I held the mermaid up high to keep her away from the dog, but he was very aggressive.

Finally I exited the shack and shut the door on the dog’s neck, killing him. Stepping outside, with the mermaid still in my arms, I found myself facing a large crowd of people applauding me for saving the mermaid and killing the bad dog.

All at once, I wasn’t the man anymore, though he was still there with the mermaid, and I was myself, at the age of 10, standing in the front of the crowd, clapping with the rest of the people, and my mom was standing next to me.

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