Sunday, January 23, 2011

Orgies and World Peace – Part 2

Continuing with the theme of orgies and world peace, I will relate a few of the many positive aspects of structured orgies. 

The structured orgies I have participated in have been at sex parties or swing clubs.  I use the term orgy loosely here – with the spontaneous orgies, we had a large group of people all on one bed, usually several people all involved at once with only a few watching.  Structured orgies (in my experience) involve fewer people, and often not more than eight people are all involved at once.  Many more watch.

However, the structured orgies at both swing clubs and private sex parties have rules.  Ask before you touch.  No means no.  Respect others at all times.  At the clubs and parties I’ve gone to, people follow the rules and everyone has a good time.  Also, swing clubs and parties require payment, so there is a certain value or exchange expected.  Most people leave satisfied, I think, though I only left satisfied if I got to have a chance with at least one other woman.

In these clubs and parties, there are rooms designated for couples only, for watching, and some private rooms where you can lock the door.  Most have big open spaces where everyone can be together, but I’ve only seen true orgies (in my opinion) at parties where there is a literal orgy room with dozens of people and everyone could be and was involved with everyone. 

These clubs and parties are great because every room is designated for something different, so you know what to do and you know what is expected.  People (usually couples) walk around in towels (naked underneath) and go to different rooms or open spaces, depending on what they want at the time. Each party/club is different and has its own vibe, but I appreciate having a variety of different experiences.  

Plus, there is a certain bonding you do with other people when you are in towels or naked.  Any cultural or social barrier is removed and you can all interact in open and fresh ways.  People from all walks of life that you might never have met otherwise go to these clubs.  

I used to think the gym was the great equalizer – everyone’s sweaty, everyone’s trying to get fit/strong, everyone’s trying to improve their health/body, and no one looks good.

But now I realize an orgy is the true great equalizer.  When all are naked, class distinctions disappear. We’re all vulnerable in our nakedness.

Although looks and age are still obvious in an orgy, and even though not everyone is going to find everyone else attractive, there is a certain camaraderie that develops with others in an orgy, whether or not you have sex with them.  We’re all there to relax and have fun. An orgy is quite literally a shared experience.

I have seen young couples, middle-aged couples, and very old couples at these swing parties - there’s no age limit to wanting sexual adventure and satisfaction.  Old couples still want to have a healthy and exciting sex life.

Many of these private parties become a sort of family (though not for me – I haven’t gone to enough consistently to be part of any swinging family) and the people I’ve met at these clubs and parties are some of the kindest people I have ever met in my life.  Although I consider the people at my church to be kind, some of them can be judgmental.  At these clubs and parties there is no judgment, as long as you respect others’ boundaries. 

Bottom line, I think the rules aspect of all these places is very favorable.  Having guidelines allows for everyone to be mindful of others.  Everyone can have a good time and no one does anything they don’t want to do.  Everyone is treated with respect.  Such respect for others, and seeing others not as strangers but as potential friends with social and cultural barriers removed, and thus joining together most intimately, will pave the way for world peace.

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