Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Orgies and World Peace - Part 1

Orgies could help bring about world peace. In an orgy, everyone is the same – naked. Everyone is sharing the same bed. Everyone is vulnerable. If everyone could just get in bed naked together, we could all love and appreciate each other.

Now, my different experiences in orgy situations lead me to believe that some fundamental rules of respect are important. There is a difference between spontaneous orgies and structured orgies. Spontaneous orgies may be more exciting due to the impulsive nature, but also less respectful. I will relay two encounters in two different spontaneous orgies that could have been avoided had certain rules of respect been given beforehand.

I briefly dated someone I’ll call “Dan,” and lived with him in the Philippines. Dan was nice but the only thing we had in common was that we both liked group sex. The first orgy we had together was after he and a group of his friends came over for drinking and karaoke. I had a big crush on one of the girls, Cecil, and told Dan so. Cecil was upset because several of the guys were dancing disrespectfully with her. So I comforted Cecil, and she and I went to the bedroom together, and I loved being alone with her. She couldn’t speak English but we had a wonderful time together, albeit too short, as we were eventually joined by the rest of the guys (the other girls must have left).

During the course of the night, one of the guys, “Rick,” slapped Cecil twice on the face. I reached over and punched Rick and told him not to do that. He apologized. Later, Rick explained that he saw Cecil in a servitude role because she was dark-skinned and from the provinces. Had there been rules upfront about treating each person with respect, Rick wouldn’t have slapped Cecil and I wouldn’t have punched him.

In another orgy, Rick was climbing over other guys and standing over my face, begging me to go down on him while I lay down with another guy going down on me. I kept telling Rick no because I don’t like going down on guys, and he knew it, but he kept begging. Rick got so excited that he came right on my face. I was so angry I got up and punched him in the nose, giving him a bad bruise. Two of my personal rules are: 1) I don’t go down on guys, and 2) I don’t like anyone to come anywhere on my body, especially not on my face. Never on my face!!! Again, rules upfront would have made a difference, and I wouldn’t have punched Rick twice in two different orgies.

That being said, I enjoy the impetuous and “anything goes” nature of spontaneous orgies and wish more people were open to them.

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