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Kevin Stea Ruled the Gap Go-Go Commercial

I will always remember seeing the Gap Khaki Go-Go commercial in the late ‘90s.   Usually when watching dancers, I only notice the females.  Not just because I think women are beautiful and more visually appealing than men, but I also think women are better and more interesting dancers. 

When I saw the Gap Go-Go commercial, I loved it immediately for two reasons.  One, the music.  It was the first time I’d ever heard James Clarke’s “Blow Up a Go-Go (Wild Elephants)” and I was in love with that music.  I could not get enough.

But even more, the man in the center was amazing.  My eyes drew to him and did not see anyone else.  He was such a captivating dancer, with such charisma. And the way he looked at the camera in the beginning was so powerful that I could not look away from him.  When he briefly disappeared offscreen, I hoped he would reappear soon. I was so surprised that a man could take over my attention that I, a lesbian, did not even see any of the women. 

I couldn’t understand how this dancer affected me so much.  I was not attracted to him (for me, attraction means I want to kiss the person, etc.), and I didn’t want to kiss him or anything.  I wondered if he was gay, though I hated to stereotype him as gay just because he was a dancer.  But my lack of sexual attraction for him did not negate from the electricity I felt when he danced.  I wanted to continue to watch him dance.   And only him.

Fourteen years later, and someone recently happened to mention old commercials and music from the ‘90s. I thought of the Gap Go-Go commercial.  Finding it on youtube, I saw that the man in the center still affected me in the same way.  Through the wonders of the Internet, I was able to find out his name, Kevin Stea.  Since I love giving compliments (though I cannot give false compliments), I sent him the following email:

hi kevin, 

i just feel i should tell you that over a decade ago when the gap go-go commercial came out, i was transfixed by your performance.  normally i only notice women in dance groups, for i'm lesbian.  but when that commercial came out, you had such charisma, not to mention the most captivating dance performance, that i only noticed you in the whole group. i was often amazed throughout the years that there was a male dancer that could draw me away from all the females, not in an attraction-based way, but due to the power and charisma that this man had.  

recently someone was talking about the gap commercials from the 90's and i remembered the gap go-go commercial, and looked it up on youtube. again, i was loving your performance and, again, i only saw you!  so i wanted to know you are! 

i even asked a question on yahoo answers to find out and saw that someone had already asked this question in 2007:

Lead male dancer from Gap "Khaki-a-Go-Go" commercial?
What is the name of the lead male dancer in the "Khaki-a-Go-Go" Gap commercial from 1998? He's the guy in the black t-shirt with dark, curly hair who is the star at the beginning of the commercial and fades into the chorus of dancers. I think he was also in the Gap vests commercial from around the same time.
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Kevin Stea?
    6 years ago
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Thanks. I found some Kevin Stea fansites and now I'm pretty sure he's the right guy.
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Don't know, but he was HOT!
    6 years ago

Then, when i went back to the youtube clip, i saw in the comments section that others noticed you particularly as well: 

Agreed re: the man in the center. Normally the women in any dance group hold my attention but in this ad, the man in the center has so much charisma and dance power that he is the only one I notice.
‪polly olga yobek ‪‪1 day ago

i love the man in the center
‪shogokawahara ‪‪2 years ago ‪3 
What is the name of the dancer in the center at the beginning with the curly hair? He's really good!!

‪bellier ‪‪3 years ago ‪2  
He really is, and cute too! :P
‪ekomancer ‪in reply to ‪bellier ‪3 years ago
‪‪Kevin Stae. He's toured with Madonna, walked runway for CK, Tommy, Coultier, and was in "Naked Boys Singing" if you want to see...ahem...More of him :-P
‪‪‪ruggeddusty‪‪ ‪in reply to ‪bellier ‪3 years ago

Oh god... this is already 10 years old?!?!?
I'm feeling my age.
Gotta love the Fosse-esque choreography and wow Kevin Stea?!?! sweet
‪Earthmage ‪‪4 years ago ‪5

who is Kevin Stea? is he the guy in the first part...looks Asian?
‪maryquant1967 ‪in reply to ‪Earthmage (Show the comment) ‪3 years ago
Yep! That's the one.
‪Earthmage ‪in reply to ‪maryquant1967 ‪3 years ago
he's ssssssssssssmokin'
‪maryquant1967 ‪in reply to ‪Earthmage ‪3 years ago

if youre talking about the guy in the middle its kevin stea-he was in newsies! LOVE him. hes in a show called naked boys singing right now.... :)
‪FallKABOOM ‪in reply to ‪Ratdog93 (Show the comment) ‪4 years ago
Kevin Stea is asian.. the cute boy in the middle isn't..
‪Ratdog93 ‪in reply to ‪FallKABOOM (Show the comment) ‪4 years ago
well the one in the middle is definitely kevin's for sure.
‪momoprincessxo ‪in reply to ‪Ratdog93 (Show the comment) ‪4 years ago
does anyone know the name of the cute main male dancer??
‪Ratdog93 ‪‪4 years ago
if you're refering to the one with the big hair in the middle he was one of madonna's dancers. he was in her Truth or Dare movie. he was also a dancer in the movie Showgirls but had just a few lines in it. but i don't know his name. he's a great dancer though. total flamer but hey....
‪nobhiller ‪in reply to ‪Ratdog93 ‪4 years ago

I absolutely love Kevin Stea! He's such a talented guy!
‪wannabesurfahgirl ‪‪6 years ago
Funny thing is that Kevin is also in the Austin Powers movie doing about the same dance moves during the opening credits...
‪choitoy57 ‪in reply to ‪wannabesurfahgirl ‪5 years ago

I've always got my eyes locked on that male dancer in the center. Man, he is cuuute!
‪mikey42 ‪‪5 years ago
So I just wanted to share this with you to let you know that your appearance in that Gap commercial stayed with me all these many years, and obviously with others too!  I think it's pretty amazing that one person in one commercial can have such a lasting impact for so many people, so i just want to let you know.  
Now I've read of some of the other work that you are doing and i'm even more impressed with how extremely talented you are.  i wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and thank you for being the wonderful dancer that you are!

I am still amazed that a male dancer had such an effect on me that I never forgot it.  

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