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Men I’ve Met by Working at Onie’s Club – Feb. 2, 2011

There is such a wide variety of men at Onie’s club, in terms of race, class, finances.  Often there are men on business trips, who know they’ll never see us again. Robert Hannibal frequently remarks on the number of white men he sees at Onie’s – when he used to attend Onie’s a few years ago, it was mostly black men who attended.

Every night there is at least one who is handsome and intelligent, and I usually try to spend most of my time with the handsome ones. As long as I am busy, I am “keeping the room moving,” which is what Onie wants us to do.

I love when I can get into political discussions with the customers also. Politics and religion are my favorite subjects, and since I tend to be conservative in my beliefs, at least compared to people in NYC, I enjoy the opportunity to engage in these conversations, regardless of where people stand on the issues.

“PR,” the promoter, tells me I talk too much, that the customers are here to ‘f—k,’ but I tell PR that they also enjoy good conversation, which I am happy to provide. PR always tells the guys I’ll “talk” their “ear off,” but the guys like it. I would continue these conversations outside the club, even.

However, if we want to exchange contact info with any of the customers, we have to be discreet. Onie had a talk with us girls about not taking any guys’ contact information and meeting them away from the club. When we do that, it takes money from Onie’s pocket.

It’s different from my hostess dancing job in college. In that job, it was expected that you exchanged contact information with your customers. Sexual acts were not technically allowed at the club, though we all did them there, but it was more encouraged that sexual acts be done off-premise.

Also, in that job, it was good to spend a long time with a guy because that gave us more “minutes,” and we had to earn a certain number of minutes each week or we could get suspended. The club manager paid us according to the minutes we earned, and our customers tipped us equal in value to our minutes, sometimes more, depending on what we did physically and sexually with them.

The more I talked with my customers at my hostess dancing job, the more minutes I earned and the longer I prolonged having to do anything physical with them. So I learned that talking for a long time and then getting into the sexual acts later was the best way to maximize the money.

At Onie’s club, Onie pays us when the night is over, and our pay depends on how many girls are on the payroll that night and how many guys total showed up.

When I’m with a good-looking guy at Onie’s club, I like to have him spend as much time with me as possible because then I don’t have to be with the other guys as much, but Onie wants us to spend time with as many guys as possible. However, I often let the other girls pick up the slack, especially since they will do hand jobs and blow jobs, and I won’t do that.

But I do try to treat each guy with respect, even the ones I don’t think are as intelligent or as good-looking as someone I would normally want to spend time with.

But the guys say I am the most sought-after, and it appears to be true, because they will often wait in line for me. As I said, in my opinion, Gia is prettier than I am, but more guys try to get with me than with her.  Also, I don’t mean to brag, but there is something about me that makes sex with me so great without my having to do anything or exert any effort (and I am fundamentally lazy).   I guess it’s because I’m so tight down there, since I haven’t had any children.

I am just as tight as I was during my hostess dancing days, even though that was so long ago, and when men orgasm with me, they usually say it is one of the most intense orgasms they’ve ever had. I don’t know why this is the case, other than that I’m tight down there, because I don’t do anything. Of course, they could also be lying.

However, because of this, I do get men at Onie’s who fall for me quite easily, and there are a few I have exchanged contact information with. One guy, “Van,” is a black man who really fell in love with me. He calls me a “rock star” and says he will do anything for me.

I gave him my email address and afterwards, he emailed me and wanted to take me to lunch or dinner. I told him I was too busy with work and school and preparing to move because my roommates and I had to move to a new apartment. He told me he had a van and that he would take the day off whenever I had to move so he could help me move to the new place.

Another guy, “New,” was an Indian who lived in New Jersey, and immediately asked if I would be his girlfriend. He wasn’t the handsome dark-skinned Indian I had always imagined myself marrying. He had light skin but he was nice-looking and tall.

He also worked in finance, and I figured he might be someone who could afford to take me to “One Leg Up” parties and “Do You Know George?” parties.

However, I did not like sex with him. He kept wanting me to bite him and I hate putting my mouth against any part of a man, whether it’s their face or their chest. But after working at Onie’s club, I let New take me to dinner, and then I went home with him to Jersey. I was really hopeful he could take me to the “One Leg Up” and “DYKG” parties.

Now, “New” is a nice guy; I’m not just attracted to him and I don’t like sex with him and I don’t feel we have that much to talk about. But he offered to help me move as well, since he has a car.

When I had to move into our new apartment, Van helped me move the entire day, loading my things into his van and making the several necessary trips. He was so helpful and kind, and I was so impressed that he had given up an entire day, not to mention the cost of gas in driving his van, just to help me move. He had only met me once at Onie’s. Van is really a nice person.

“New” helped me move in the evening with his car, and he was very good at fitting the rest of my stuff in his car. He was also great about helping me clean out my old room.

I think my roommate was a little jealous because here I had two guys helping me move for free, one who gave up his entire day and one who gave up his entire night, and she had to hire movers and had no one to help her.

After New and I finished moving my stuff, I let him have sex with me, of course, but the whole time I kept thinking about Robert Hannibal! I love sex with Robert Hannibal, only with him!

But New is a nice guy and I did appreciate his help. He showed up again at Onie’s club a few days later and brought a friend with him.

After New left Onie’s, a good-looking Brazilian guy showed up. This Brazilian is someone who would be considered very sexy by most girls, and he spent all his time with me.

He was only in NYC for a week, so I knew he wasn’t an option to take me to “One Leg Up” parties, but I enjoyed his company. He was so nice because he waited for me to get off work at Onie’s (the smart, good-looking guys can always figure out that I’m getting paid for this).

Then he rode the subway with me all the way home uptown to my apartment. This was very kind of him, because I live far north, in the Heights, and then he had to go all the way back downtown.

I didn’t invite him to spend the night, but perhaps I should have, since he rode all the way with me, but I have a regular day job and I needed to be up at a decent time. Plus, he hadn’t done anything for me that I felt deserved extra sex. But I had a nice time with him at Onie’s club and I had fun riding the subway home with him.

I have met many nice guys at Onie’s, but I am particularly glad that I met two guys were helped me move for free. Moving is stressful, and the fact that I had such great help to move is due only to my work at Onie’s. Most of the men I’ve met thus far at Onie’s have been very nice.

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